About us

Veronika Geritz

Since 2004, the young, expansive company Prince & Princess is successful on the national and international market. The great success is based on the highest standards of the special design, the best quality by affectionately handcraft “made in Germany” and excellent service.

Prince & Princess preserves emotional moments of happiness in a noble design with ancient craft traditions which have been forgotten by industrial mass production. So you can make your loved ones something special handicraft unique design memorable: magic moments.

Prince & Princess successfully resist the trend towards cheap arbitrariness and creates values which protect these magical moments and make understandable the best sense of the word. Fashion, timeless elegance, beauty and the highest quality remain and are passed on from generation to generation.

Stil is a defining feature of the culture, not transitory effect. magic moments in noble materials: In this tradition, the unique collections of Prince & Princess for demanding families, for children and grandchildren arise.

Be enchanted and your family.

The designer:

Already as a child, growing up in my grandmother’s tailor’s studio, I showed my love for beautiful things, loved patent leather shoes, lace and ruffles – everything that shone and felt ‘special’.

And I knew exactly what my clothes should look like! With pleasure, my grandmother tailor-made my clothes according to my wishes, because of course I wanted to look especially beautiful on festive occasions and family celebrations. Last but not least, to give the host pleasure. I liked being the little princess. Grandma was so proud of me!

During that time I learned a lot from her and my mother. They have always inspired me, so I developed my own style. And I noticed: To me one looked up!

Precious fabrics have always fascinated me. For me, clothing is personality, emotional expression, versatility, a form of communication and culture. With this spirit, I still translate my designs into my models today.

I decided to give my ideas and abilities a place and bring the children and their families highlights to their life through my designs. To make them happy with my beautiful, individual models and to give them the attention they deserve.

Because children are the most precious thing we have on earth. They are our love, our appreciation and our trust. Maybe I can help to create a society for more cooperation?

With my team I make high quality children’s fashion and accessories made of exquisite fabrics for the precious moments. They are sometimes prince or princess-like, sometimes traditional, folkloristic, oriental or modern, but in any case extraordinary and unique in finest craftsmanship.

Under my label “Prince & Princess” arise nearly of Hamburg my precious unique items from the treasure box to the pacifier bag, which are perfectly matched and go to customers around the world. Designer fashion with a concept that is as unmistakable as the newborn.

I also like to help as an experienced event manager in the professional presentation of the Welcome Party, the christening event or any other festive occasion with my event offer, so that your celebration will be an unforgettable experience.
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