Accessories - Impressions

Cuddling with the Prince and Princess lucky charm from Nickipl├╝sch

In the treasure chest are the treasures of Prince & amp; Princess well kept

Handmade from Idar-Oberstein - precious pacifier made of green amber and real gold

With these accessories, the outfit becomes complete

Treasure box, photo album or leporello for the most beautiful memories later

Cuddly and light is Baby's baskets

Elaborately designed plug-in cushion

Accessories with style

They are not everyday and are therefore a favorite. For example, our fortune-teller, the trolley bag, the genuine silver lucky charm pendant etc.

In the sterling silver “pacifier”, for example, you keep the first curl, the first tooth, the first pacifier … Would you like to engrave the date of birth, name of the child and the names of the godparents?

Let us make you happy!

A unique piece is only perfect, even if the “round-the-clock” fits. That’s why we like to manufacture everything, in design and material.

We start with the models for the little ones: the little hat, the little ones, the pillow, the photo album, the gift box and much more.

For the larger ones it is then the handbag, the cuffs, the head cover etc.

A very different kind of decorative accessories is also offered by the designer Veronika Geritz, in the course of the consultation on your living room design.

It is the interior details that breathe life into space. They are the ones that spread the pleasant “here I feel comfortable” feeling.

Who would not want to hear this compliment from his guests?

Veronika Geritz also comes to your house!