High-quality baby and children's fashions for festive occasions and interior design - how does it work?

With her unique textiles Veronika Geritz reaches the hearts of her customers in a very emotional way. With so much creativity in the fashion world, thought a customer, surely she has good ideas for a special window decoration in my villa?

This customer was followed by others who also expressed their desire for new, fresh ideas for the redesign of their facility.

So almost inevitably the way to interior design, because she always finds the extraordinary for almost every budget.

Just what you will not find in the furniture store or in the catalog, even almost never with interior decorators: from the most elaborate wall coverings to impressively hand-crafted furniture.

Today, Veronika Geritz is a sought-after interior designer who does not submit to any cliché, but very sensitively recognizes and understands the individual wishes of the customers in the conversation.

She deliberately does not present a complete solution, but develops together with you her new home, which you will be proud of in the end and feel comfortable in it for many years.

A cabinet is created

The following furnitures are designed by Veronika Geritz and produced by joinery Fricke GmbH & Co. KG

A dining table is created

We built this fantastic game castle an other exclusive furniture

Schminktisch mit integrierter Heizkörperverkleidung

Furnishing Examples

What little girl does not dream of such a bed?

This separate is not only convenient, but also beautiful

On this bed Empress Sissi as a little girl would certainly have liked to sleep

Our handmade cushions are very special

These or other cushion rolls are also made for you

Our customer is pianist and loves it colorful

Veronika Geritz visited the company DOLFI at her headquarters in Perignano / Italy and was able to convince herself that traditional craftsmanship still counts here.

No standard furniture, but exceptional design and high-quality individual production.

Prince & Princess will be happy to advise you on the design of your rooms, as well as entirely different designs and interior suppliers, such as Giusti Portos Interior and other non-everyday, innovative manufacturers from Europe.

They stand out from the army of the interchangeable products of large mass manufacturers. You just have to find them, and that is exactly our mission and our actions.