We bring you precious moments

Fabric made of pure silk is combined with knitted silk to form a special type of knitwear

Sooo happy can make a children's room designed by us

An extraordinary dress for the special moment

W.A. Mozart would be proud of this cloak

Heart buttons with Swarovskisteinen at the neck collar - attention to detail

Think back to your roots and traditions. Give special moments a special feeling.
Preserve the festive mood that you experienced in your childhood, that shapes and holds you together, and pass on that feeling.
Because children will remember – all their lives. It will strengthen and help you – at all times.
In order for you to succeed, I offer you the framework that will make your party a unique memory. For this I draw on my experiences, senses and impressions and implement them creatively in my models and projects.
My work is lived passion and love – for you.
In my clothes you should feel good. The fabrics should be comfortable on the skin, do not scratch or push accessories. The design should suit the occasion and to you personally.
With me, all work steps come from one source:
Design, development, production and delivery to you – made in Germany!
The choice is yours: princes and princesses alike, sometimes traditional, folkloric, oriental or modern, but in any case extraordinary and unique.
On request all garments and accessories are decorated with hand-embroidered monograms.
My materials are handpicked and are made of silk, velvet, brocade, finest lace, linen and fine cotton, all mostly organic. My accessories are for example Swarovski stones, mother of pearl or other natural materials.
The designs are individual. The product is handmade from Germany. Her dress: a unique piece.