The high art of hand knitting with mohair wool

Maritimes baptism ensemble for small sea lords

Pure silk fabric combined with knitted silk is a special type of knitwear

Silk, delicate tulle, lace and pretty borders decorate this dress

French lace embraces fine silk

Casanova would have loved this cloak

For the Rokokoball, butterflies not only in the belly

A dream in a golden brocade top and silk

Designermode, which is as unmistakable as every single one of us

In your clothes, your offspring should feel good-you, too, of course. The fabrics should be comfortable on the skin. The design is designed to fit the occasion and to you or the child quite personally.

All styles are welcome – do you love being princess and princeess, traditional, folkloric, oriental or modern? In any case, it will be exceptional and unique.

Would you like to decorate it with a hand-embroidered monogram or your family coat of arms? With pleasure!

For me, four work steps come from a single source:

Design, development, manufacture and sale.

My materials are hand-picked and consist, for example, of silk, velvet, finest lace, linen and fine cotton. My designs are individual. The product is handmade. Her dress: a precious unique.