My new phase
of life began
with a success story…

Veronika Geritz

Fast and restless steps traverse the life path, betraying emotions, held in deflated,
deformed balloons, which blow in the wind without ever gaining altitude,
as fastened to an adventure that cannot be written.

It is the passage of men and women who, with their unsolved sorrow,
run hopeful towards the primigenial enchantment, that is about to reveal its secret.
It is hidden in a last balloon, looked after by two incredulous lovers, staring at that mirage of love.

So, the perfect show takes place by the moved audience.
The chrysalis opens up and a butterfly comes into the world. It flutters among the people,
who are now refreshed by a shared joy, and then it heads towards its life-journey.

Each occasion is unique as you feel it.

Each occasion is unique as you live it.

Each time is glorious as you see it.

I am Veronika

Your designer

A dress from me is passion. It presents your style, it is your appearance.

It is precious.

It is your moment.

Exclusively for you:
Design, development, production and delivery
- made in Germany!