Children's & Baby haute couture

Designer fashion that is as distinctive as each and every one of us

Reflect back - on your roots and traditions. Give special moments a special feeling. Preserve the festive spirit that you experienced in your childhood, that shaped you and kept you together, and pass that feeling on. Because children will remember it - for the rest of their lives. It will strengthen them and help them - in all moments.

Precious for the moment

Only the best is good enough for the little ones.

Premium Edition. Products in which all styles are permitted in the design - sometimes princely and princess-like, sometimes traditional, folkloristic, oriental-inspired or modern, but in any case extraordinary and unique. With my haute couture models, there are no limits to the customer's wishes, neither in design nor in material.

Precious handicraft

My materials are handpicked and consist of e.g. silk, velvet, finest lace, linen and pure cotton. Sometimes also antique fabrics and lace. Your dress: a precious one-of-a-kind. As distinctive as the offspring itself.

Precious for the moment